Gates & Entry Systems Santa Monica, CA

At 1st Class Access Control we maintain, install, and repair all brands of electronic gates and phone entry systems in Santa Monica, CA. We have over 20 years of experience working on commercial, industrial, and residential electronic gates and entry systems.

1st Class Access Control represents a cutting-edge advancement in the field of gate technology and automation in Santa Monica. Our custom gates are designed to provide a superior level of control and efficiency in managing various actions within a system. Whether used in industrial settings, smart homes, or other complex environments, our gates in Santa Monica offer unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from the ability to personalize gate designs, choosing from a spectrum of materials, finishes, and features. 1st Class Access Control gates empower users to tailor their systems precisely to their needs, fostering a new era of intelligent and adaptable automation. 

We specialize in problem solving so you don’t have to. We can help design the perfect system for your location whether you’re a residential or commercial customer. At 1st Class Access Control we keep up with all the latest industry technologies. We offer 24/7 emergency service to all our customers in Santa Monica, CA. We have a strong reputation for our professional and courteous customer service. In addition to electronic gates and phone entry systems in Santa Monica, CA, we offer a wide variety of entry system products.

Phone Entry Systems Santa Monica, CA

1st Class Access Control offers the DoorKing 1812 Classic, 1816, and 1820 Telephone Intercom Systems. These intercom systems provide two-way communication and control of a door or gate through a resident’s telephones without the need of Central Office phone service. Additionally, we offer the DoorKing The 1830 series (1833, 1834, 1835, 1837, and 1838) that are PC programmable systems and include the DoorKing Remote Account Manager software. We also offer basic stand-alone telephone entry control.

1st Class Access Control also offers the DKS Access Plus line (1808AP, 1810AP, 1812AP, and 1838AP). This line of Doorking products combines the essential features of the Doorking most versatile solutions with the ease and accessibility of computer programming and control. We include the important DKS Access Plus Account Manager Software. The DKS Access Plus Line offers a wide range of applications including; an auto-dialer telephone entry system, a “no phone line” telephone intercom system, or as a card access control system. This line of DoorKing products offered by 1st Class Access Control in Santa Monica, CA is ideal for residential, small apartments, condominiums, gated community, and business applications. 1st Class Access Control in Santa Monica, CA also offers other telephone entry systems brands like Crown Jewel & Sentex.

Gates in Santa Monica, CA

Gate Installation | First Class Access ControlAt 1st Class Access Control offer automatic gates to all of our residential and commercial customers in Santa Monica, CA. Whether you’re looking for hydraulic gates, swing gates, sliding gates, or electric gates 1st Class Access Control has got just what you’re looking for. Additionally, give us a call for information on our Fire Department Approved Gates at 805-955-9230

Gate Repair Santa Monica

1st Class Access Control Offers custom gate repair in Santa Monica. If your gate is not operating properly, we will come out and diagnose your problem and we will work hard to get your gate working like new again. Gates need maintenance and repair from time to time due to many factors including weather, usage, and age. 1st Class Access Control is proud to offer some of the best technicians in the industry with the knowledge and experience you need when getting your gate repaired. In addition, we offer many custom Gate designs if you’re looking to replace an old gate. If you’re looking for swing gate repair, sliding gate repair, or pedestrian gate repair in Santa Monica 1st Class Access Control can help get your gate working great again. Call us today at 805-955-9230  to schedule your appointment. We also offer 24-hour emergency service!

Garage Doors in Santa Monica, CA

At 1st Class Access Control we offer custom designed garage doors. Our garage doors range from stand doors to almost anything you can imagine for a custom-designed garage door. Some of our most popular garage doors are wood, metal, and even glass!

From choosing the type of custom garage door, to the top section design, to the hardware you envision 1st Class Access Control is here to make your dream a reality! When you’re looking for garage doors in Santa Monica, CA 1st Class Access Control has the experience, brands, styles, and experience you need to find the garage door you’re envisioning.

Automatic Doors Santa Monica, CA.

In the commercial industry, many businesses require automatic doors or electronic doors for their customers. It may be because customers are coming out of your business with large inventory items such as with automatic doors for home improvement stores. Automatic doors may be a necessity for your business due to the need for wheelchair access into your establishment as with hospitals or retirement home electronic doors.

We at 1st Class Access Control understand that your time is valuable, so we strive to offer prompt and professional service to all our customers in Santa Monica, CA.