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Technician arrived, diagnosed problem and made necessary repair. Very Satisfied!

Description of work:

Had problem with our electric gate.


I placed this out to four bidders and I was really impressed by Don’s bid and presentation.  I have a license as a California Professional Engineer so I am sure that I am more demanding than the average customer. During and after installation  I found several things that needed to be corrected, some that were covered by our contract and some that were not.  I felt from meeting Don the first time that he was a straight shooter and honest.  I found that was true from  dealing with him.  Even though he had to return four times to get everything working just the way I wanted it, he fixed everything I asked for, including things that were not in the contract and without charging extra.  He obviously wanted to render excellent customer service.  I would definitely strongly recommend him even thought he was just a little higher than the  lowest bid,he did extra work for free that more than made up for that.

Description of work:

Replaced a doorking gate operator  with a All-O-Matic gate operator.


This is the second time 1st Class came out to tend to the problem. The service person was prompt and got right to the issue. When it’s an intermittent problem, though, he attempted to reason it through. He reluctantly replaced the circuit board (reluctant because he didn’t think that was really the problem, but it was worth a try) with a refurbished board to save us money.

The gate worked for several months, and then the problem returned. This second time, though, the service person contacted the manufacturer’s engineer to brainstorm the issue. He replaced the terminal strip and wiring to the circuit board. So far so good.
It might not be the answer to the problem; HOWEVER, this company is very willing to stand by its work.
A totally pleasant experience.

Description of work:

Long-term problem with electric gate across driveway. Intermittent slamming shut, re-opening, and then the alarm would go off and stop the gate partway closed.