At 1st Class Access Control we maintain, install, and repair all brands of electronic gates and phone entry systems in Simi Valley, CA. Please be aware that unfortunately, we do not service customers in Santa Rosa in northern California. We have over 20 years of experience working on Gates & Entry Systems in Simi Valley, CA. We work with commercial, industrial, and residential electronic gates and entry systems.

1st Class Access Control represents a cutting-edge advancement in the field of gate technology and automation in Simi Valley. Our custom gates are designed to provide a superior level of control and efficiency in managing various actions within a system. Whether used in industrial settings, smart homes, or other complex environments, our gates in Simi Valley offer unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. Homeowners and businesses alike can benefit from the ability to personalize gate designs, choosing from a spectrum of materials, finishes, and features. 1st Class Access Control gates empower users to tailor their systems precisely to their needs, fostering a new era of intelligent and adaptable automation.

Depending on the material that you choose for your gate repair in Simi Valley, you may need regular maintenance. Materials like wood tend to be more short-lived than metal. However, by choosing a metal material like steel, it can often become rusty over time. The material you choose should be chosen in consideration of its purpose, location, and budget. The friendliest gate material used is aluminum, because of its longevity and lower oxidation probability. Regular gate maintenance to the structure and an electrical panel will be needed for any automatic gate. Apart from maintenance vehicle gates and pedestrian gates can sometimes encounter problems. 1st Class Access Control is a qualified contractor for fixing gate repair problems that you may encounter or may have already encountered from a previous installer. Contact us to let us fix your gate repair problems as quickly as possible so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your custom gate again.


Have you been in the market for a custom gate? 1st Class Access Control specializes in custom gates, entry systems & pedestrian gates in Simi Valley, CA. Creating a custom gate not only provides you with practicality and security but also allows for creative liberty. From wood gates to iron, to simple or ornamented, we have the experience to help fulfill your vision and needs.

RESIDENTIAL GATE SERVICE SIMI VALLEY residential-gates-simi-valley

Many homeowners are committing to residential gates because of 3 main benefits. A driveway gate or pedestrian gate provides security, aesthetics, and an overall investment for increasing your property value. Gates improve the security of your home. They prevent unauthorized vehicles or people from entering your property, which is especially important for protecting your family.  Residential gates also improve the look of your home. Through different designs and materials an ideal gate can be made that is suitable for your home and taste. As a result, all of the mentioned reasons are another way you can increase the value of your home.  If you are considering installing a gate for your home, please give us a call at 805-955-9230 and we will help you navigate through this wise investment.

1st Class Access Control offers Overhead Doors in Simi Valley for residential and commercial use. Choose from the many styles and construction types that satisfy your personal taste and set you apart from other homes or businesses. Unsure of what design you need or want? Our Team can help you decide on all your design and function concerns. The stylish Overhead Doors are also durable and reliable which makes them perfect for your daily use. With 1st Class Access Control you can install Overhead Doors in Simi Valley at a reasonable price by giving us a call at 805-955-9230. We have over 20 years of experience and have always delivered high-quality work and products.


Before installing a gate, it is important to decide on what type of gate it is you want. The most common residential gate is an automatic gate that is electrically wired to be opened at the push of a button or keypad code. This feature not only makes it easier for the driver but also adds to the value of the gate. Although manual gates are still effective, they are not as efficient for a residential driveway. For pedestrian gates, manual opening makes more sense. Pedestrian gates can also be programmed with a keypad code or simply a regular key. The direction that your gate opens is also something to consider. 1st Class Access Control in Simi Valley has plenty of experience with installing electric automatic sliding gates or swing gates.


pedestrian-gates-simi-valleyPedestrian gates are one of the easiest ways to help keep your home secure.  These gates are most commonly added to the sides of homes. For example, backyard entry, to avoid people from walking in.  This is especially important for protecting your property, family, and pets.  Having a barrier prevents people without the proper security code or key from entering.  It is an effective security option that requires little to no effort and works 24/7.  Like driveway gates, pedestrian gates come in a wide variety of materials to best fit the style of your home.